Development of a new integrated technological solution to obtain biomimetic materials for rapid surgical solving, by augmentation, of large bone defects.


The development of studies and analyzes on bone augmentation materials used in reconstructive surgery, on biomaterials from natural origin and on technologies used for processing of custom biomimetic implants.

Activities 2015

Identify the main requirements regarding biomimetic biomaterials for reconstruction of major bone defects and the test and sterilization methods; analysis of existing normative in the field.

Performance analysis of current bone augmentation products.

Analysis and classification of bone reconstruction defects from the dimensional, topological and morphological point of view.

Obtaining primary apatite materials by thermal methods deproteination.


Experimental development of innovative technology solutions for obtaining new synthesis methods of biomimetic materials for implants. Complex characterization and laboratory tests.

Activities 2016

Obtaining of apatite materials by thermal processing with different parameters (temperatures of 700-1300C in order to obtain and maintain structural transformations) for optimal characteristics and properties induceing (conversion of HA into TCP).

Complex characterization and testing (composition by EDS+XRF, structure by XRD and FTIR, morphology by SEM and micro-hardness), selection and classification of apatite biomaterials obtained in different compositional versions, used for major bone defects reconstruction. Obtaining of a chart based on biomaterials characteristics by synthesis route.

Natural origin biomaterials processing and selection thereof for the production of apatite powders with predetermined characteristics (the TCP / HA ratio, dimensional screening) and processins for synthesis of monodisperse powders and/or pastes.

Samples analysis and subsequent selection of the optimal alternative for the in vitro testing.


Manufacturing of custom biomimetic test samples by powders and pastes and processing the massive components. Complex study through standardized methods of solubility and biocompatibility. The experimentation - verification of developed products and their connection and integration in national and international research networks. Techno-economical documents elaboration for the obtained integrated technology

Activities 2017