integrated technology solution of a new custom made biomimetic implant

This project aims to develop and promote an integrated technology solution of a new custom made biomimetic implant concept used for bone substitution and dedicated to the rapid and complete surgical solving of large scale bone defects. The theme finds its need in clinical considerations related to the market lack of such products. We are focused on the development of custom made implanting biomaterials capable of simulating the most efficient the bone reconstruction mechanism. The biomimetic biomaterials will be obtained from natural origin materials (combinations of HA and TCP) in a massive form, 3D processed, used for surgical solving of large bone defects according to each patient case. Another project objective involves the significantly improvement of the healing process, miming the implantation bone structure, for a more rapid integration and an enhanced functionality. The implants mechanical characteristics will be similar to the tissues they are implanted in. The project implementation stages are: synthesis and processes developing for superior materials obtaining; bone tissue 3D defect detection; 3D texture development for the model of the reconstruction structure implants; implant topology development and optimization based on mechanic aspects and the rapid fusion of the reconstruction implant with the adjoining bone.

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Development of a new integrated technological solution to obtain biomimetic materials
for rapid surgical solving, by augmentation, of large bone defects.


The development of studies and analyzes on bone augmentation materials used in reconstructive surgery, on biomaterials from natural origin and on technologies used for processing of custom biomimetic implants.


Experimental development of innovative technology solutions for obtaining new synthesis methods of biomimetic materials for implants. Complex characterization and laboratory tests.


Production of three-dimensional biomimetic test samples from pastes and / or powders and processing of massive components. In vitro biocompatibility study by standardized methods. Experimenting - verifying the products obtained and connecting and integrating them into research laboratories. Elaboration of the technical-economic scheme for the integrated technology.

  • Requirements

    Identify the main requirements regarding biomimetic biomaterials for reconstruction of major bone defects.

  • method analysis

    Identify the requirements regarding test and sterilization methods; analysis of existing normative in the field.

  • Primary apatite

    Performance analysis of current bone augmentation products and obtaining primary apatite materials by thermal methods deproteination.

  • Analysis

    Analysis and classification of bone reconstruction defects from the dimensional, topological and morphological point of view.

Estimated results

Design, producing and optimization of a manufacturing technology for bone
augmentation biomimetic materials.