Previous research

• "New methods for investigating the mechanisms involved in the tissue-biomaterial interaction", Grant CNCSIS Tema 11, Cod 190/2002 (3 years) - Project Manager. Publications: WOS: 000251435200002; WOS: 000275165700018
• "Depth analysis on the structural implications resulting from the use of alternative fuels in cement", Contract CEEX nr.121/10.10.2005, IARIS (3 years)
• "Production and study of the behavior of coatings of carbon, tungsten and beryllium used in the first wall of thermonuclear fusion facilities", Contract CEEX nr. 10-89/2006, FUSITERMAT (2 years)
• "Spin valves: from combinatorial methods of processing to performance properties", Contract CNMP Nr. 71-032/2007, VALS (3 years). Publications: WOS: 000278579400006, WOS: 000286575200010
• "Advanced research for producing combinatorial coatings of interest for fusion", Contract CNMP Nr. 72-223/2008, CAPACIF (3 years). Publications: WOS: 000286575200010
• "Combined methods for evaluation of the heavy metals contamination of human beings correlated with human hard tissues metabolism", Contract TE Nr.144/2010. (3 years) - Project Director; Publications: WOS: 000289716200028, WOS: 000297986100026, WOS: 000308047400007, WOS:000308313002379, WOS:000312710300032, WOS: 000315547300022, WOS:000323397900019, WOS:000336552600022
• "Integrated technology for custom-made biomimetic implants development used for major bone defects reconstruction", Grant PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0590, BioMimBone (2 years) - Project Manager; Publications: WOS: 000374585600001, WOS: 000405772200015, WOS:000412382700002, WOS:000416184600080, WOS:000425731200017
• "New technology for the synthesis and manufacturing of biomimetic implants derived from biogenic resources used for bone reconstruction surgery", Grant PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016-0892, BioImMS (2 years) - Project Manager; Publications: WOS:000416184600078, WOS:000425731200016, WOS:000425731200017