Project director

Prof.univ.dr.habil. Florin MICULESCU

Dr. Habil. Florin Miculescu is Full Professor in the Metallic Materials Science and Physical Metallurgy Department at the Politehnica University from Bucharest, Head of three laboratories within his department and President of the Romanian Society for Biomaterials (2014-2017). He has participated in five postdoctoral stages in Europe and USA and applied his expertise in various research projects related to materials science, engineering, and technology (manager of 8 national and over 50 projects for private companies in the last 15 years). His research activities in the fields of biomaterials, nanomaterials and materials synthesis, processing and characterization are also presented in over 90 ISI-Web of Science articles (impact factor 40 as main author), 5 books and 8 book chapters. He constantly supervises a heterogeneous team of PhD, MSc and BSc students and he is teaching materials science & engineering, biomaterials characterization methods and electron microscopy & microanalysis courses.

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Partner project responsible

Prof.univ.dr.habil. Anisoara CIMPEAN

Dr. Habil. Anisoara Cimpean

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Assoc.Professor.Dr.Habil.Eng. Stefan VOICU, PhD - CO

Assoc.Professor.Eng. Marian MICULESCU, - CO

Res.Assist. Patricia NEACSU, PhD - P1

Senior Researcher

SR-II Eng. Aurora ANTONIAC, PhD - CO

SR-III Raluca Nicoleta ION, PhD - P1

PhD Student Researcher

PhD Student Eng. Andreea MAIDANIUC - P1

Research Assistants

MSc.Stud.Eng. Aura Catalina MOCANU - CO

Valentina MITRAN, PhD - P1

Mirela Violeta SERBAN - P1